Robots.txt Generator

A Robot.txt file is essential for crawling and indexing. The Robot.txt file provides all information about your website to crawlers. it provides the road facility to your web pages.use our website’s SEO tool Robot.txt generator for generating the Robot.txt files.

What is Robot.txt? 

A crawler comes to your website and crawls your website. It will recognize the content of your website and make a category of your content. the crawler will collect all information about your content and keep it safe on the server.

With the robot.txt we will allow search engines which pages they can go and which pages they cant go. You have many pages on your website and some pages are not important or are waste pages. and You also want to not share the information of waste pages with the crawler.

You can mention waste pages through the robot.txt file to the crawler. so that will not come to your waste pages. or pages you mention in the robot.txt file.

Why we should use Robot.txt?

We want crawlers to index our web page which has unique content and we want to show it in search engine results. we want when anyone to search on google and our content will come to the top. We can use the robot.txt file for this purpose also.

Our Robot.txt Generator

Sometimes creating robot.txt can be difficult. Especially when you have zero skills in syntax and rules. Hd stock images provide you with an easy robot.txt generator. anyone can make a robot.txt file in a few minutes. only have to clear some steps.

Use our Robot.txt Generator on HD Stock Images

  • Go to HD stocks robot.txt generator.
  • Enter the link (URL) of your website.
  • Select the pages that you want to block.
  • Click on create button to create your robot.txt file.
  • Download the robot.Txt document and upload it to the root directory of your internet site.

NOTE: use our SEO tool robot.txt generator free of cost. It is also easy to use.

How important is a Robot.txt in SEO?

We want crawlers to index our net web page which has unique content and we want to expose it in search engine effects. It can be good for SEO(search engine optimization)