Pagespeed Insights Checker

Our Page Speed Insight Checker is a tool that helps you to analyze the loading speed and performance of a website and offers suggestions to fix it.

Page Speed Insight Checker 

The online tool is utilized to determine the loading performance of the website on any device. It will also give you suggestions to improve webpage speed. Website loading performance is very mattered to engage more and more traffic. Page speed insight checker is also used to catch main issues that can be harmful to website life. such as extra large images, causes of slow loading. By using it you can keep your websites away from issues. Page speed is the main ranking factor. So keep your web pages fast and free from issues. 

Page speed checker provides the page speed report through the score. If a page speed between 90 to 100 is considered a very well page speed. Web page speed is the main ranking factor. A website with fast-loading performance can get high search engine rankings. 

Our website Hd stock image offers you the best page speed insight checker. It will provide you the accurate result in seconds. Use our online tool page speed insight checker today to optimize your web pages optimally. 

Benefits of Page Speed Insight Checker 

  • A high bounce rate can affect badly on your website. The tool page speed insight checker helps you to reduce bounce rate. If a website takes more time to load in that case users can leave it without clicking and scrolling. 
  • The tool analyzes your web pages and detects potential issues that can prove to be dangerous for the website. By using this tool you can fix all issues. 
  • Be it page speed or website speed both are essential for SEO. That’s why online page speed checker performs a vital role in search engine optimization. 
  • A webpage with fast loading performance can attract large numbers of audience. So keep your website fast and accurate. 

Tips to increase web page speed

  • Reduce the size of images that are on your site. 
  • Try to reduce javascript and CSS files. 
  • Avoid attaching broken and spammy links. 
  • Try to reduce HTTP requests.
  • Reduce javascript, CSS, and HTML. 
  • Work on server response time optimally. 

Does the webpage speed affect SEO? 

The loading performance of any webpage is very important for search engine optimization. Google has made webpage speed a main SEO factor. Slow speed can affect search engine rankings indirectly by increasing the bounce rate. If a person comes to your webpage and goes back without any clicking and scrolling. In that case, the bounce rate will increase. 

How to use the page speed insight checker? 

Operating our tool is easy and simple. Our developers made the page speed checkers easy and accurate. It will offer you accurate reports about your webpage speed. Follow some steps to determine the speed of any specific webpage. 

  • Go to our website which is HD stock images. 
  • Find SEO tools on the left side of your laptop. 
  • After this, scroll and click on the page speed insight checker.
  • Now you have to URL of any specific webpage in the box. 
  • Click on submit button.
  • Now our tool will provide you with the accurate speed of the web page.