Website Links Count Checker

Website owners and website creators can use it to check the number of internal and external links. It will also offer you the number of total links to your websites.

Website Links Count Checker

An online website links count checker is essential for search engine optimization. No doubt is important for website owners and web developers. The tool is utilized to check the number of external and internal links which are linked to your website. External and internal links perform a vital role in search engine rankings. By using our online tool website links count checker you can monitor your website on daily basis. You can remove extra or spammy links on your website after recognizing them. The tool provided by our website is extremely helpful to get important  information that you can use for improving your website’s credibility. 

Use our tool you will see the numbers of total links, external links, and internal links. Total links are the total number of external and internal links that are linked to your website. If you see your website has more external links than internal links. It means the visibility of your website going the right way. But external links should be high quality and spam free. Spammy and low-quality backlinks can decrease the visibility of your website.

 SEO tools are very helpful for search engine rankings. As online website links count checkers help to save your money and time. If you are a beginner so you should use it and remove extra pages that can damage your website’s credibility. 

How to use Website Links Count Checker by Hd Stock Images?

  • Go to our website Hd stock images.
  • You will see SEO tools on the left side of your device. Go for it.  
  • Scroll and find the website links count checker. 
  • Paste the URL of the targeted page into the box. 
  • Click on the submit button. 
  • Now you see the result in a few seconds. 
  • The tool will tell you the number of internal links, external links, and total links. 

External links

External links are links that connect your website to another website. A website with a high number of external links can get attention in search engine rankings. But links have to be of high quality and relevant. Spammy external links can destroy your website’s credibility. 

Internal Links 

These links are commonly connected to the website. They are connected to web pages. There are no external links connected to internal links. 

Total Links 

Total links are the total number of external links and internal links checked by the online website link count checker.