Class C Ip Checker

Class C IP Checker tool is a software or online tool used to recognize the 3rd octet of an IP address and classify it as a Class C network.

Class C IP Checker 

Devices running on the internet need an IP address to connect with each other. Devices are assigned a unique address to find each other on networks. Addresses of devices are also called IP addresses. Every IP address keeps two sub-IP addresses. It is a 32-bit binary address. These two sub-IPs represent the network and the host of the network. IP addresses are contained in four numbers and the range of them is 0 to 255. For example, is an accurate IP address. 

An online class c IP checker is utilized to check whether the same IP class c is used by another website or domain. You can say it can be helpful to find duplicate class c IPs. 

If your domains shared the same class c IP address as the other one. It can damage your website’s credibility. 

Classes of IP addresses

Class A 

Its first bit is 0. The range is 0 to 127. It has 8 bits for networks and 24 bits for network hosts. 

Class B

The first bit of class b is 1 and the second bit is 0. Its range is 128 to 191.

Class C 

The first two bits of class c are 1. And the 3rd bit is 0. The range of class C is 192 to 223. 

Class D

The first three bits of class d are set on number 1. And the fourth bit of class D is 0. Its range is 224 to 239. 

Class E

There is no unique form of the class E IP address. But class E IP addresses are available for analysis and testing. 

How to Use our Online Tool Class C IP checker?

Operating our tool is not difficult. anyone can do his work easily, there is no need for sign-up or installation. Follow some steps to use it. 

  • Come to our website first.
  • Find SEO tools on the left side of your website. 
  • Scroll and find the class c IP checker.
  • Paste the domain name in the required place.
  • Click on the “submit” button.
  • You will see the result in seconds. 

Advantages of online class c IP checker

  • It can be utilized to recognize spammy sites that are using the same class c IP address. 
  • You can identify duplicate IP addresses of class C blocks. 
  • If your domain is involved in suspicious activities. before blocking it you can fix it with the help of a class c IP checker. 
  • Keep checking your domain’s class c IP address through the online class c IP checker. This way you can keep away from harmful consequences.