What is my Browser

As you can see below all information about your current internet browser. The tool offers you all information about your internet browser.

What is my browser 

There are many browsers available for using the internet. Browsers allow you to visit web pages while you use the internet. The most popular browsers are google, opera, firefox, and safari. Most people use google browsers. It provides you the accurate and secure services. Google browser is easy to use there is no difficulty to use it. Google browser will provide you with the services according to your requirements. All people do not use the same browsers.

About my browser online tool 

The online tool is provided by our website. By using this tool you can get all information about your internet browser. If you want to know some main factors about your browsers. The tool will help you to get information about the browser. There is no need for any specific skill you can get all information in just one click. It is simple to use and free of cost. It will provide you with the all information about your internet browser. 

  • Your browser name 
  • Browser version
  • Your OS
  • Cookies
  • Javascript

How to Get detail about internet browsers in the online tool? 

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  • Google Chrome
  • Opera 
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft internet explorer 

Google Chrome 

Google Chrome is leading all browsers. It has almost 2.65 billion users all over the world. It has some negative facts I tell you about it. If your computer ram is low. this way google chrome will not perform very well. 


No doubt firefox was a fantastic browser in the past. Its design is not very impressive. firefox lost almost 7 million users in the last 7 years. 


Opera is an underrated internet browser. It has awesome features for users. But almost only 350 million users are using it around the world. 

Internet Explorer

Internet explorer is one of the oldest internet browsers in computing history. Microsoft should make it impressive and user-friendly again.