Vintage Colored Universe Poster with Inscription Spaceship Falling Comets and Planets on Space Background

Vintage Colored Universe Poster


This vintage colored universe poster features a breathtaking scene with a spaceship, falling comets, and planets on a space background. The retro style design gives a nostalgic feel while the scientific elements add a touch of modernity.


Tags associated with this vector template file include spacecraft, satellite, comet, rocket, meteor, orbit, astronomy, planet, shuttle, space, universe, astronaut, galaxy, falling star, galaxy space, retro style, scientific, space stars, vintage, researcher, vehicle, radar, technology, transport, and more.

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The file types available for this vintage universe poster are EPS and JPG, ensuring compatibility with various design software and easy printing options.


This vector template falls under the category of Vector Templates, making it suitable for various design projects that require a vintage space theme.

Get creative with this vintage universe poster and add a touch of nostalgia to your design projects!