Corporate web horizontal backdrop template in set of three vector

Vector Templates for Corporate Websites


Are you looking for eye-catching and professional templates to enhance the visual appeal of your corporate website? Look no further! At HD Stock Images, we present a collection of three vector templates specifically designed to suit the needs of corporate websites.


Our vector templates offer a wide range of possibilities to elevate your website's design. Whether you need a stunning header, a captivating footer banner, or an impressive backdrop, our templates have got you covered.

The set includes three templates in various color schemes, each offering a modern and professional design. Featuring a combination of sleek layout and abstract elements, these templates are perfect for corporate websites seeking a distinctive touch.

The templates come in two different file formats: EPS and JPG. This ensures compatibility with various design software and makes customization hassle-free. Whether you prefer to work with vectors or raster images, we have you covered.


Our vector templates offer a wide range of features to enhance your website's visual appeal:

  • Eye-catching header designs that instantly draw attention
  • Stunning footer banners to leave a lasting impression
  • Customizable layout templates to suit your specific needs
  • Modern color schemes that exude professionalism
  • Abstract elements for a unique and distinctive touch
  • Compatibility with EPS and JPG file formats for easy customization
  • Suitable for various corporate website purposes, including presentations (PPT), background collections, and more


With the vector templates offered by HD Stock Images, you can effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of your corporate website. Choose from a selection of captivating header designs, footer banners, and impressive backdrops. The modern and professional look of these templates will surely leave a lasting impression on your audience. Simply download the EPS or JPG files and unleash your creativity!