Page Size Checker

Our website Hd stock images offers a sophisticated online page size checker. It can tell you the reliable size of any specific webpage.

Page Size Checker 

An online page size checker is utilized to check the page size of the URL. A page with a large size is slow to load because if a page has more content it can be late to open. If your website takes more time to open, you need to work on web page size. Our website HD stock images allow you to use our page size checker free of charge. An online page size checker is utilized to check to website’s page size. The average page size should be less than 20 kb. A page with more content means its size is high. It will take time to open. You have to know about your web page size it can be beneficial for you. Our website’s online page size checker is a sophisticated tool

Most people estimate the performance of websites with the speed of the website. No doubt website’s smoothness is very mattered to get more attention in search engine results. If you want to become a senior webmaster then you have to know about your website’s page size. Because it is a primary factor of SEO. for checking the size of a web page there are many online page size checkers available on the internet. Such as our website’s online tool. Our tool allows you to check the total size of web pages. Use now our free online tool. 

Some Main Elements of Webpage Size

  • The average web pages size of desktop sites should be 2 Mb 
  • The average webpage size of mobile sites should be less than 2 MB.
  • 1 GB is enough for minor websites with written content and pictures. 
  • If the page has written content like pdf, file. 10 kb is enough for it. 

How Important is a Page Size Checker For SEO? 

An online page size checker is a vital element for SEO. because it will provide you with the total size of webpages. And also a website’s speed is very dependent on its size. If your website’s page size is more It can be affected both website ranking and performance. Online web page size checker allows you to check the total size of web pages. Use it today and fix errors. 

How To Use Our Website’s Online Tool?

All the tools offered by Hd sock images are working sophisticatedly. Our online web page size checker allows you to check the total size of any particular webpage. It is easy to use and free of cost. 

  • Come to our website.
  • Go to SEO tools.
  • Open the page size checker first.
  • Paste your website’s page URL in the required place. 
  • Click on the “submit” button.
  • Now you will see the result in seconds. 

How to Decrease the Size of Webpages?

Suppose you are checking the size of your webpage and you found some large pages. You can fix it.

  • For fixing it you need to work on website page layouts. 
  • You have to resize images. 
  • Using jpg images is better.
  • Removing extra content is important. 
  • Delete extra content from the site.