My IP Address

A software or web-based tool that retrieves and shows the public or private IP address of a device connected to a network, the online my IP address tool allows users to identify their device’s network location.

MY IP Address

IP is a short form of the internet protocol. IP addresses represent your devices. computers take help from IP addresses to communicate with each other. Internet protocol is a chain of numbers that represent devices on the network. 

Every device has its own IP address that is connected to the internet. It is easy to understand devices are connected with their IP addresses. Mobile devices have IP addresses you can check easily their IP addresses.

Use our website tool to check the IP addresses on any device. Our tool my IP address is easy to use and free. Use my IP address to get information about your device’s internet protocol. 

Private IP addresses are used by local users as local computer networks. These computers are free from external devices. There are four types of IP addresses I will tell you about them below.

Why Important are IP Addresses?

There is no way to contact between computers instead of IP addresses. Because it is the unique identification of any device such as computers, mobiles, and tabs. IP addresses allow the computing device to communicate with internet sites. IP addresses are very sensitive and secret things on your device. If anyone knows your device’s IP address it means he can hack your device.

Types of IP Addresses 

IP addresses allow computing devices to communicate with each other. There are four types of internet protocol addresses I tell you about them below with minor details.

Public IP Address

The public IP address is also known as IPV4. if anyone needs internet services from an internet services provider in the town. They just need to public IP address for this.

Private IP Address

Private IP addresses are the local IP addresses. It can be your IP address. A private IP address is not accessible to others. You can say it is the internal IP address of the device.

Static IP Address

A static IP Address is a permanent address of computing devices. These addresses are not much secure because static IP Addresses always stay the same. 

Dynamic IP Address

Dynamic IP addresses are not permanent addresses. These addresses are changed over time.

How to find IP Addresses on an Android Mobile Device?

A mobile’s IP address is a public IP address. It is easy to find the IP address of your mobile device.

  • Tap on the mobile default setting.
  • Go to “about”.
  • Here you will see your IP address with some other pieces of information.