Best Methods to Transfer SoundCloud to Apple Music

Learn How to Download Music from SoundCloud to Apple Music in Minutes

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February 22, 2024
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To effectively download music from SoundCloud to Apple Music, it's essential to understand the unique features and functionalities of each platform.


SoundCloud is a popular online audio distribution platform that allows users to upload, promote, and share their music and podcasts. It features a vast and diverse collection of tracks spanning various genres, ranging from mainstream hits to independent releases. One of the distinguishing aspects of SoundCloud is its emphasis on user-generated content, making it a haven for emerging artists, DJs, and producers to showcase their work.

Key features of SoundCloud include:

  • Free and paid subscription options
  • User-friendly interface for discovering new music
  • Social networking elements for interacting with artists and fellow music enthusiasts
  • Customizable playlists and recommendations based on listening history

Apple Music

Apple Music is a subscription-based music streaming service developed by Apple Inc. It offers a vast catalog of songs, albums, and playlists curated by music experts. Launched in 2015, Apple Music quickly gained popularity among users due to its seamless integration with Apple's ecosystem of devices and services.

Key features of Apple Music include:

  • Access to a vast library of songs and albums from major record labels and independent artists
  • Personalized recommendations based on listening preferences
  • Exclusive content such as live radio stations and original programming
  • Integration with Apple's ecosystem, allowing seamless synchronization across devices

Additionally, Apple Music offers features like offline listening, which allows users to download songs and listen to them without an internet connection, making it convenient for users to enjoy their favorite music on the go.

Methods to Download Music from SoundCloud

How to Transfer Apple Music to SoundCloud

Downloading music from SoundCloud can be achieved through various methods, catering to different preferences and device capabilities. Here are some commonly used methods:

Using SoundCloud Downloader Websites

Several online platforms offer SoundCloud downloader services, allowing users to download tracks directly from the SoundCloud website. These websites typically require users to input the URL of the desired track and then generate a downloadable link. While convenient, users should exercise caution and ensure the legality of downloading copyrighted material.

Utilizing Browser Extensions

Browser extensions such as SoundCloud Downloader are available for popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These extensions add a download button to the SoundCloud interface, enabling users to download tracks with a single click. However, users should verify the authenticity and safety of browser extensions before installation.

Using SoundCloud Mobile Apps

SoundCloud's official mobile apps for iOS and Android devices offer built-in features for downloading tracks for offline listening. Users can navigate to the desired track, select the download option, and the track will be saved locally on their device for offline playback. This method is convenient for users who prefer to listen to music on their mobile devices without an internet connection.

Third-Party Applications

Third-party applications like 4K Video Downloader and iTubeGo provide additional options for downloading music from SoundCloud. These applications often offer advanced features such as batch downloading, audio format conversion, and playlist downloading. Users should research and choose reputable third-party applications to ensure the safety and legality of their downloads.

Using Command-Line Tools

For tech-savvy users comfortable with command-line interfaces, tools like youtube-dl can be utilized to download music from SoundCloud. These command-line tools offer a range of options for downloading audio and video content from various online platforms, including SoundCloud. However, this method requires familiarity with command-line usage and may not be suitable for novice users.

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Transferring SoundCloud Music to Apple Music

Once you've successfully downloaded music from SoundCloud, the next step is to transfer it to your Apple Music library for seamless access across all your Apple devices. While Apple Music doesn't directly support importing tracks from SoundCloud, several methods can facilitate this transfer:

Using iTunes or Music App on Mac/PC

One of the most straightforward methods for transferring music to Apple Music is through iTunes (or the Music app on macOS Catalina and later). Simply drag and drop the downloaded music files from your computer's file system into the iTunes or Music app library. Once imported, the tracks will be available for syncing with your Apple Music account and playback across all your devices.

Syncing with iCloud Music Library

If you're an Apple Music subscriber, you can take advantage of the iCloud Music Library feature to sync your locally stored music with your Apple Music account. To enable this feature, go to your device's settings, select Music, and toggle on iCloud Music Library. Any music files added to your local library will be uploaded to iCloud and made available across all your Apple devices.

Using Third-Party Tools

Several third-party applications and services offer solutions for transferring music between different streaming platforms, including SoundCloud and Apple Music. Tools like SongShift and TuneMyMusic allow users to import playlists and tracks from SoundCloud and transfer them directly to their Apple Music library. These services often require authentication with both SoundCloud and Apple Music accounts and may offer additional features such as playlist synchronization and metadata preservation.

Manually Re-downloading on Apple Music

If you've downloaded music from SoundCloud onto your mobile device or computer, you can manually search for and re-download those tracks through the Apple Music app. Simply search for the desired songs within the Apple Music catalog and add them to your library or playlists for offline listening. While this method may require more effort, it ensures that your music is seamlessly integrated into your Apple Music experience.

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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding downloading music from SoundCloud to Apple Music:

1. Is it legal to download music from SoundCloud?

It depends on the copyright status of the music you're downloading. SoundCloud hosts a mix of copyrighted and user-generated content. While some tracks may be available for free download with the artist's permission, others may be protected by copyright law. It's essential to respect copyright regulations and only download music from SoundCloud legally.

2. Can I transfer SoundCloud playlists to Apple Music?

Yes, you can transfer SoundCloud playlists to Apple Music using third-party tools like SongShift and TuneMyMusic. These services allow you to import playlists from SoundCloud and transfer them directly to your Apple Music library. Keep in mind that some features like custom artwork and metadata may not transfer accurately between platforms.

3. Do I need a subscription to Apple Music to transfer music?

Yes, to access features like iCloud Music Library and seamlessly sync music across your Apple devices, you'll need an active subscription to Apple Music. While you can manually add music to your Apple Music library without a subscription, features like automatic syncing and offline listening require a subscription.

4. Are there any limitations to transferring music between platforms?

Yes, there may be limitations depending on the method you choose to transfer music. Some third-party tools may have restrictions on the number of tracks or playlists you can transfer at once. Additionally, certain music files downloaded from SoundCloud may not be compatible with Apple Music due to differences in file formats and encoding.

5. Can I download SoundCloud music directly to my iPhone or iPad?

Yes, you can download SoundCloud music directly to your iPhone or iPad using the SoundCloud mobile app. Simply navigate to the desired track, tap the download button, and the track will be saved for offline listening within the SoundCloud app. However, to transfer this music to your Apple Music library, you may need to use additional methods like manual re-downloading or third-party tools.


Learning how to download music from SoundCloud to Apple Music opens up a world of possibilities for music enthusiasts and artists alike. By leveraging the diverse content available on SoundCloud and the seamless integration of Apple Music across devices, users can enjoy their favorite tracks wherever they go.

Throughout this guide, we've explored various methods for downloading music from SoundCloud and transferring it to Apple Music. Whether you prefer using browser extensions, mobile apps, or third-party tools, there's a solution to suit your needs.

While downloading music from SoundCloud can be a convenient way to expand your music library, it's essential to respect copyright laws and ensure that you're downloading content legally. Additionally, subscribing to Apple Music unlocks a range of features such as offline listening and seamless syncing, enhancing your music listening experience.

As technology continues to evolve, the process of transferring music between platforms may become even more streamlined and accessible. However, for now, the methods outlined in this guide provide reliable ways to enjoy your favorite SoundCloud tracks on Apple Music.

So go ahead, explore new music, discover emerging artists, and make the most of your Apple Music subscription by transferring your favorite tracks from SoundCloud today!

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