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How to Get More Likes on EyeEm: 10 Proven Strategies

November 22, 2023
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Optimizing your EyeEm profile is the first step in your journey to getting more likes on the platform. A well-organized and visually appealing profile can make a significant difference in attracting potential followers and increasing engagement. Here's how to optimize your EyeEm profile:

  1. Profile Photo: Start with a clear and professional profile picture. This photo represents you as a photographer, so choose an image that showcases your style and personality.
  2. Profile Description: Write a compelling and concise bio that tells viewers about your passion for photography. Include keywords related to your photography niche to help users find your profile easily.
  3. Contact Information: Make sure your contact information is up to date. This includes your email address and any other preferred means of contact for potential collaborations or inquiries.
  4. Link to Portfolio: If you have an external portfolio or website, provide a link to it in your profile. This allows users to explore more of your work outside of EyeEm.
  5. Location and Tags: Include your location to help users find photographers in their area. Add relevant tags to your profile to describe your photography style, such as "landscape photography," "portrait photographer," or "urban exploration."

By optimizing your EyeEm profile, you create a professional and inviting first impression, making it more likely that users will engage with your content and give your photos the likes they deserve.

Example Profile Optimization:

Profile PhotoYour Profile Photo
Profile DescriptionPassionate landscape photographer capturing the beauty of nature. 🌄 | Available for collaborations and projects. Contact: [email protected]
Contact InformationEmail: [email protected]
Link to PortfolioExplore my portfolio
Location and TagsLocation: New York, USA | Tags: #LandscapePhotography #NatureLover #PhotographyEnthusiast

Take the time to optimize your EyeEm profile, and you'll be on your way to creating a strong and attractive presence on the platform, which can ultimately lead to more likes and engagement on your photos.

2. Create High-Quality Content

Eyeem Tutorial 2022 - Desktop, Mobile and My Portfolio - YouTube

When it comes to getting more likes on EyeEm, the quality of your content is paramount. High-quality photos not only attract more attention but also encourage viewers to engage with your work. Here's how to create compelling and outstanding content:

  1. Use a Good Camera: Invest in a good-quality camera or smartphone with a high-resolution camera. Quality photos start with quality equipment.
  2. Focus on Composition: Pay attention to the composition of your shots. Experiment with the rule of thirds, leading lines, and framing to create visually appealing images.
  3. Lighting Matters: Understand the importance of lighting. Natural light can enhance your photos, but experiment with different lighting sources and angles to find what works best for your style.
  4. Edit and Enhance: Use photo editing software or apps to enhance your images. Adjust brightness, contrast, and colors to make your photos pop. Avoid over-editing, though, as natural-looking photos often perform better.
  5. Tell a Story: Create photos with a narrative. Engage your audience by conveying a message or a story through your imagery. This can make your content more relatable and shareable.
  6. Consistency in Style: Develop a consistent style or theme for your photos. Consistency helps you build a recognizable brand on EyeEm, making it easier for users to identify your work in their feed.

Creating high-quality content takes time and practice, but it's a key element in gaining likes and followers on EyeEm. Remember, the more captivating your photos are, the more likely they are to be appreciated by the EyeEm community.

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3. Use Relevant Hashtags

One of the most effective ways to increase the visibility of your photos on EyeEm and get more likes is by using relevant hashtags. Hashtags make your content discoverable by users interested in specific topics or themes. Here's how to make the most of hashtags:

  1. Research Popular Hashtags: Explore popular and trending hashtags on EyeEm that are relevant to your photos. You can use EyeEm's search feature to find the most popular and relevant tags in your niche.
  2. Create Custom Hashtags: Develop your own custom hashtags that are unique to your photography style or brand. These can help create a sense of community around your work.
  3. Use a Mix of Broad and Niche Tags: Balance your use of hashtags by including both widely-used and niche tags. Broad tags like #photography or #landscape can attract a larger audience, while niche tags like #urbanexploration or #macrophotography connect you with a more specific community.
  4. Avoid Overloading: While using hashtags is important, don't overdo it. Limit your use to a reasonable number – between 10 to 15 hashtags per photo is a good guideline. Overloading with hashtags can make your captions look cluttered and less appealing.

Example of Hashtag Usage:

Research Popular Hashtags#LandscapePhotography #PortraitPhotography #StreetArt
Create Custom Hashtags#YourBrandPhotography #UniqueCaptures
Use a Mix of Broad and Niche Tags#Photography #AdventurePhotography #Astrophotography
Avoid Overloading#BeautifulSunset #TravelPhotography #NatureLover #SunriseMagic

Using relevant hashtags effectively categorizes your photos and helps them reach a wider audience. Users who follow or search for these tags are more likely to discover and appreciate your work, resulting in increased likes and engagement on your EyeEm photos.

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4. Engage with the EyeEm Community

Engaging with the EyeEm community is a fundamental strategy for getting more likes on your photos. By actively participating in discussions and interacting with other users, you can build a strong presence and attract genuine engagement. Here's how to effectively engage with the EyeEm community:

  1. Comment on Photos: Take the time to genuinely engage with other users' photos. Leave thoughtful and meaningful comments, not generic or spammy ones. This shows that you appreciate their work and can lead to reciprocated interactions.
  2. Follow Other Photographers: Follow photographers whose work inspires you or aligns with your interests. Many users will follow you back if they see that you appreciate their content.
  3. Participate in Challenges and Missions: EyeEm frequently hosts challenges and missions. Participate in these to showcase your skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and potentially get your work featured.
  4. Join Groups: EyeEm has various groups centered around specific themes or genres. Joining relevant groups allows you to share your work with a targeted audience and receive valuable feedback.
  5. Show Appreciation: Don't just focus on promoting your own work. Show appreciation for the work of others by liking their photos and supporting their efforts.
  6. Share Tips and Insights: If you have knowledge to share, consider writing informative captions or posts with photography tips or insights. This can position you as an expert in your field and attract engaged followers.

Example of Community Engagement:

Comment on PhotosComment: "Amazing composition! I love the play of light and shadow in this shot."
Follow Other PhotographersFollow: @NatureExplorer123, @CityscapeArtist
Participate in Challenges and MissionsJoin the "Urban Vibes Challenge" and submit your best urban photography.
Join GroupsJoined the "Landscape Lovers" group.
Show AppreciationLiked several photos in your feed to show support.
Share Tips and InsightsPosted a caption: "Quick tip: Use golden hour lighting for stunning outdoor shots. #PhotographyTips"

Engaging with the EyeEm community not only fosters relationships but also increases your visibility on the platform. As you support and interact with others, they are more likely to reciprocate, leading to more likes, followers, and an enriched experience on EyeEm.

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5. Consistency in Posting

Consistency in posting your photos on EyeEm is essential to keep your audience engaged and attract more likes. It establishes a rhythm and reliability that encourages followers to keep coming back for more. Here's how to maintain a consistent posting schedule:

  1. Create a Posting Schedule: Develop a schedule that works for you. Whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly, consistency is key. Use tools like scheduling apps to plan your posts in advance.
  2. Plan Your Content: Plan your content in advance to ensure variety and relevance. Consider themes, series, or visual storytelling to maintain interest over time.
  3. Time Your Posts: Pay attention to when your audience is most active. Use EyeEm's insights or other analytics tools to determine the best times to post for maximum visibility and engagement.
  4. Engage in Time Zones: If your audience spans different time zones, consider scheduling posts to reach a broader global audience. This can lead to likes from around the world.
  5. Consistent Style: Maintain a consistent style or aesthetic across your posts. This helps in creating a visually appealing feed and ensures that your followers recognize your work instantly.

Example of Consistency in Posting:

Create a Posting SchedulePlan to post a new photo every Monday and Thursday.
Plan Your ContentNext week's posts will feature urban landscapes; the following week will focus on macro photography.
Time Your PostsUse analytics to determine that your audience is most active between 6 PM and 9 PM.
Engage in Time ZonesSchedule posts to cater to both local and international followers' time zones.
Consistent StyleMaintain a consistent filter and editing style for a cohesive feed.

Consistency in posting is not only about the frequency but also the quality and presentation of your content. When you post consistently, you keep your audience engaged and returning for more, which ultimately leads to more likes and interaction on your EyeEm photos.

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6. Participate in EyeEm Missions

Participating in EyeEm Missions is a great way to increase your visibility and engagement on the platform. Missions are photography contests or challenges organized by EyeEm, often in collaboration with brands or organizations, and they can help you get more likes and exposure. Here's how to effectively participate in EyeEm Missions:

  1. Browse the Missions: Regularly check the Missions section on EyeEm to see the latest contests and challenges. You'll find a wide variety of themes and topics to choose from.
  2. Read the Rules: Before submitting your photos, carefully read the rules and guidelines of each Mission. Ensure that your entries meet the specified criteria, including image dimensions, themes, and deadlines.
  3. Get Creative: Use Missions as an opportunity to get creative and experiment with new styles and techniques. Think outside the box and try to stand out from the competition.
  4. High-Quality Entries: Always submit high-quality, well-composed photos that fit the theme. Missions are highly competitive, so your entry needs to be visually appealing and on-point.
  5. Promote Your Entries: After submitting your photos, promote them on your profile and social media. Encourage your followers to support your entries by liking and sharing them.

Example of Participating in EyeEm Missions:

Browse the MissionsExplore the current Missions and choose the "Nature's Beauty" Mission as it aligns with your photography style.
Read the RulesCarefully review the Mission rules, ensuring your entry fits the theme, resolution, and submission deadline.
Get CreativeExperiment with unique perspectives and editing to create a captivating nature photo for the Mission.
High-Quality EntriesSelect and edit a stunning nature image that showcases your skills and creativity.
Promote Your EntriesShare your Mission entry on EyeEm, Instagram, and other platforms to gather support and likes.

Participating in EyeEm Missions not only gives you the chance to win prizes but also exposes your work to a larger audience. Users browsing the Missions section may discover your photos, leading to more likes and followers who appreciate your unique style and creativity.

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7. Collaborate with Other Photographers

Collaborating with other photographers on EyeEm can be a rewarding strategy to increase your likes and broaden your exposure. Working together can bring fresh perspectives, introduce you to new audiences, and create a sense of community. Here's how to effectively collaborate with other photographers:

  1. Identify Potential Collaborators: Explore EyeEm's community and identify photographers whose work aligns with your style or complements it. Reach out to them with collaboration ideas.
  2. Discuss Collaboration Ideas: Communicate with potential collaborators to brainstorm ideas for projects, themes, or joint photo series. Ensure that your goals and creative visions align.
  3. Create Joint Projects: Work together to create collaborative photo projects. It could be a shared photo series, a theme, or even a joint exhibition. Collaborative efforts can attract attention and generate more likes.
  4. Give Credit and Cross-Promote: When you post collaborative work, be sure to give credit to your partner(s). Cross-promote the project on both of your profiles, encouraging your followers to explore the work on your collaborator's profile as well.
  5. Engage with the Collaborator's Audience: Engage with your collaborator's audience by responding to comments, following back, and interacting with those who appreciate the collaborative work. This can lead to more likes and new followers.
  6. Stay Open to New Collaborations: After successful collaborations, remain open to working with different photographers to continually expand your network and creative horizons.

Example of Collaborating with Other Photographers:

Identify Potential CollaboratorsFind photographers who share your passion for street photography and reach out to them through direct messages.
Discuss Collaboration IdeasDiscuss potential themes and decide to create a joint series capturing street life in your city.
Create Joint ProjectsCollaborate on a series titled "Urban Stories" and post it on both of your profiles with proper credits.
Give Credit and Cross-PromoteCredit each other in captions and cross-promote the "Urban Stories" series to both your audiences.
Engage with the Collaborator's AudienceRespond to comments and follow those who engage with your collaborative work, fostering connections with new followers.
Stay Open to New CollaborationsAfter the success of "Urban Stories," remain open to new collaborations with other photographers in the future.

Collaborations on EyeEm can lead to creative growth, broader exposure, and increased engagement. By teaming up with other photographers, you can tap into new audiences and receive more likes on your shared projects, ultimately benefiting your individual profiles as well.

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8. Promote Your EyeEm Profile

Promoting your EyeEm profile outside of the platform can significantly boost your visibility and the number of likes you receive. It's essential to leverage other social media and online channels to draw attention to your EyeEm presence. Here's how to effectively promote your EyeEm profile:

  1. Utilize Social Media: Share your EyeEm photos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Include links to your EyeEm profile and encourage your followers to explore your work there.
  2. Collaborate with Other Social Media Influencers: Partner with social media influencers or bloggers in your niche. Cross-promote each other's content and profiles to tap into their audiences.
  3. Create a Personal Website or Blog: Build a personal website or blog to showcase your EyeEm portfolio. Include links and widgets that direct visitors to your EyeEm profile.
  4. Email Signature: Add a link to your EyeEm profile in your email signature. This way, anyone you communicate with via email can easily discover your work.
  5. Participate in Photography Forums: Join photography forums or communities and engage in discussions. Include your EyeEm profile in your forum signature or user profile for others to explore.
  6. Collaborate with Local Businesses: Partner with local businesses or venues to display your work. Include your EyeEm profile information on any promotional materials or signage at the exhibition.

Example of Promoting Your EyeEm Profile:

Utilize Social MediaRegularly share your EyeEm photos on Instagram, linking back to your EyeEm profile in your bio.
Collaborate with Other Social Media InfluencersCollaborate with a local travel blogger to promote each other's profiles to your respective followers.
Create a Personal Website or BlogDesign a photography portfolio website with links to your EyeEm profile for visitors to explore more of your work.
Email SignatureAdd a link to your EyeEm profile in your email signature with a brief invitation to check out your photography.
Participate in Photography ForumsJoin a photography forum and include your EyeEm profile link in your user profile for fellow enthusiasts to discover your EyeEm presence.
Collaborate with Local BusinessesPartner with a local café to showcase your photography and promote your EyeEm profile through flyers and signage at the exhibition.

Promoting your EyeEm profile outside the platform can bring in a diverse audience and potential followers who appreciate your work. By using various channels and collaborating with others, you can significantly increase the likes on your EyeEm photos and grow your profile's reach.

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9. Learn from Analytics

Utilizing analytics can be a game-changer when it comes to getting more likes on your EyeEm photos. It helps you understand what's working, what's not, and where you can make improvements in your photography and engagement strategies. Here's how to effectively learn from analytics:

  1. Track Photo Performance: Regularly review the performance of your photos. Pay attention to the number of likes, comments, and shares they receive. Identify patterns in which photos resonate the most with your audience.
  2. Explore Demographics: EyeEm provides insights into your audience's demographics. Take note of where your followers are located, their age groups, and other relevant data. This information can help tailor your content to your target audience.
  3. Optimize Posting Times: Analyze the times and days when your photos perform best. Adjust your posting schedule to align with when your audience is most active for maximum engagement and likes.
  4. Review Hashtag Performance: Keep an eye on which hashtags are driving the most likes and engagement. Identify the tags that resonate with your content and continue to use them in your posts.
  5. Experiment and Adapt: Use analytics as a guide for experimentation. Try new approaches based on what you've learned from your data. If you notice certain content or strategies are consistently successful, replicate them in future posts.
  6. Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments, answer questions, and engage with your followers. Positive interactions can lead to more likes and loyalty among your audience.

Example of Learning from Analytics:

Track Photo PerformanceIdentify that photos with vibrant colors and nature themes tend to receive more likes and engagement.
Explore DemographicsDiscover that a significant portion of your audience is located in Europe, which informs your content strategy for specific European themes.
Optimize Posting TimesRealize that your audience is most active during evenings, leading to a shift in your posting schedule to accommodate this pattern.
Review Hashtag PerformanceNotice that photos with location-based hashtags like #ParisPhotography tend to attract more likes, leading to a focus on such tags in future posts.
Experiment and AdaptBased on analytics, experiment with different styles and themes that have shown success in the past to continue attracting likes.
Engage with Your AudienceRespond to comments and engage with your audience to foster a sense of community and encourage more likes and interactions.

Learning from analytics is an ongoing process that enables you to refine your approach and maximize the impact of your EyeEm profile. By continuously analyzing data and adapting your strategy, you can improve your likes, followers, and overall performance on the platform.

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10. Be Patient and Persistent

While it's essential to implement the strategies mentioned earlier, it's equally crucial to be patient and persistent in your journey to get more likes on EyeEm. Success on the platform doesn't happen overnight, and building a strong presence takes time and effort. Here's why patience and persistence are key:

  • Building an Audience Takes Time: Gaining a substantial following and receiving more likes can take months or even years. Be patient and stay committed to consistently creating and sharing your best work.
  • Developing a Unique Style: It takes time to refine your photography style and find your unique voice. As you continue to experiment and learn, you'll discover what sets you apart from others.
  • Learning from Failures: You may encounter posts that don't perform as well as you'd hoped. Instead of being discouraged, view these as learning experiences. Analyze what went wrong and apply those lessons to your future content.
  • Networking and Building Relationships: Building a network of fellow photographers and supporters also requires persistence. Engage with others, attend events, and continue collaborating to expand your connections.

Remember that even successful photographers on EyeEm started from zero and faced their fair share of challenges. Be patient during slow periods and remain persistent in your efforts. Over time, your dedication will pay off, and you'll see a growth in likes, followers, and the overall impact of your EyeEm profile.

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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you further enhance your journey to get more likes on EyeEm:

1. How can I effectively use hashtags to boost likes on my photos?

Using relevant and trending hashtags in your photo captions can help increase your photo's visibility. Research popular hashtags in your niche and experiment with a mix of broad and niche tags. Avoid overloading your captions with too many hashtags, as this can make them less appealing.

2. Is it important to engage with the EyeEm community, and how can I do that?

Yes, engaging with the EyeEm community is crucial. Commenting on others' photos, following fellow photographers, participating in challenges and missions, and joining thematic groups are excellent ways to engage. Building meaningful connections can lead to more likes and support from other users.

3. How often should I post on EyeEm to maintain consistency?

The frequency of your posts depends on your schedule and the type of content you create. Consistency is more important than frequency. Whether you post daily, weekly, or monthly, it's essential to stick to your chosen schedule to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

4. What can I learn from analytics, and how can I use this data to improve my performance on EyeEm?

Analytics can provide insights into which photos perform best, the demographics of your audience, ideal posting times, and the effectiveness of your hashtags. You can use this data to refine your content strategy, tailor your posts to your audience, and experiment with what works based on your analytics findings.

5. How can I collaborate with other photographers effectively?

To collaborate with other photographers, identify potential collaborators with complementary styles, discuss project ideas, create joint photo series, cross-promote each other's work, engage with the collaborator's audience, and remain open to new collaborations. Collaborative efforts can attract a broader audience and more likes to your shared projects.

6. What should I do when my posts don't receive as many likes as I expected?

Instead of getting discouraged, view such posts as opportunities to learn and improve. Analyze what might have gone wrong, experiment with different content, and consider the feedback from your audience. Learning from less successful posts can help you grow and ultimately receive more likes in the long run.

If you have more questions or need additional guidance, don't hesitate to reach out to the EyeEm community or fellow photographers. They can provide valuable insights and support to help you on your journey to gaining more likes on EyeEm.


Congratulations on reaching the end of this comprehensive guide on how to get more likes on EyeEm. We've explored ten proven strategies to help you boost your visibility, engage with the community, and ultimately receive more likes on your EyeEm photos.

By optimizing your profile, creating high-quality content, using relevant hashtags, engaging with the EyeEm community, maintaining consistency, participating in EyeEm Missions, collaborating with other photographers, promoting your EyeEm profile, learning from analytics, and practicing patience and persistence, you can significantly enhance your presence on the platform.

It's essential to remember that success on EyeEm, like any creative endeavor, takes time and dedication. Building a strong following and receiving more likes is a journey, and your growth may not always be linear. However, by applying the strategies outlined in this guide and remaining committed to your craft, you can steadily progress toward your goals.

Continue to experiment, learn from both successes and setbacks, and engage with the passionate community of photographers on EyeEm. With the right mix of creativity, strategy, and perseverance, you can make a meaningful impact on the platform and share your photography with a global audience.

Thank you for taking the time to explore these strategies, and we wish you all the best on your EyeEm journey. Keep capturing and sharing the beauty of the world through your lens!

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